• As a communication aid
  • To create videos depicting Social Stories and other items used in ABA
  • To create Visual Schedules – task sequencing
  • As a communication aid
  • To create videos to illustrate social cues
  • To create videos to illustrate behaviors and interactions
  • To create videos modeling emotions tied to facial expressions and gestures
  • As an alternative way to communicate – can facilitate a significantly improved level of communication than the user might be capable of verbally.
  • To exercise and express creativity – an outlet for creativity and humor by create scenes, messages and stories.
  • To express frustrations – as an outlet for frustration, but also to more clearly communicate what is causing the frustration – before anxiety level mount, and helping others better understand the cause.
  • To show and conduct a conversation as an interaction between 2 users – each creating the dialogue for one of the characters.

  • Screen_capture.PNG
    An example from one of our users
    Managing vocabulary, specifically swear words – which the individual with low verbal ability had been frequently using.
    The mother instructed her son that these are bad words, and that they should only use them in nawmal.
    This resulted in:
  • Decreased his use of swear-words in spoken communication
  • Which progressed to:
  • Decreasing the use of swear words in the videos that he creates